Prayer Points for the 20/21 Projects: Moldova

Over the next few days we’ll publish prayer points for the organisations that make up our 20/21 Project Embracing the World with the Touch of the Gospel. Please use these in your own prayers, in WfM meetings and feel free to share them with your congregation.

First we’ll go to Moldova to the Moldova Support Group. Please pray for:

1. Unity in the church despite the virus’ best efforts to keep us apart. Pray for those who don’t have internet to connect that way.

2. Vision for the church ministries (God to expand the vision of the church). There is a zeal to see more people join God’s Kingdom. May they do so in a way that honours God.

3. The pastor and his family. Pastor Alex is taking on many extra responsibilities in attending to the needs of the church by visiting those who are unable to connect virtually. Food prices have increased and he is trying to co-ordinate food parcels as well as the other activities.


If you would like to find out more about the church project we were hoping to support in Moldova, you can read more here or watch the video below.


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