WFM PROJECT 2020/2021

About the Project

Every year, WfM organises a fundraising project that everyone in the church can get involved in. Through the funds raised, we are able to provide direct support to a wide range of mission work both at home and abroad. 

The theme for 2020/2021 was Embracing the World with the Touch of the Gospel. Watch the video to find out more.

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Donations have now closed. Thanks to everyone who donated to this project!


The Leprosy Mission in India

Helping the Purulia Leprosy Hospital to provide essential medical help and counselling to those suffering from leprosy

Scripture Union Scotland

Helping Scripture Union to deliver ministry, training and support to young people

Moldova Support Group

Helping the Moldova Support Group to equip and develop a Christian community hub in Nisporeni

WfM Disaster & Relief Fund

Helping to provide some financial aid to those who have been affected by famine, war and other tragedies

Fundraising Projects through the Years

An overview of projects we have supported in the past ten years. 

The Leprosy Mission (India)

Leprosy is still hugely prevalent, with more than 200,000 people being diagnosed every year. Even though leprosy can be completely cured, it remains one of the world’s most stigmatised diseases. Such is the discrimination faced by people with leprosy, that many hide their symptoms for as long as possible. Without expert medical help this can result in disability, broken families, poverty and death.

The Purulia Hospital in India helps those with the disease, addressing the physical needs whilst also providing counselling to help with the problems of stigma and discrimination. All patients at the hospital receive whatever care they need, without charge.

WfM’s support will enable these services to be provided to those who so desperately need help. Support is particularly appreciated during the Covid-19 crisis which has not only affected patient numbers but prevented various sources of income.

In his video, Dr Ujjmal Hembron tells us about the Leprosy Mission Hospital in West Bengal, India, and how WfM funds can help them. 

[Several weeks after receiving this video, we were very saddened to hear that Dr Hembron passed away after contracting Covid-19.]

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Scripture Union

The largest ministry of SU Scotland has been work in schools. Normally this would be where hundreds of dedicated volunteers encounter thousands of children and young people every week. 

Now, embracing the huge challenge that Covid-19 presents, SU have continued to deliver ministry to train and equip young people in schools through various online initiatives, such as the online 

Go Conference for secondary pupils.  While schools are limiting external access by staff and volunteers, SU are encouraging young people in schools to lead SU Groups and to make use of online Connect Groups which foster mutual support among young people.

WfM are committed to supporting the fantastic work of SU. Whilst financial support would be hugely appreciated, a great deal of prayer would also be valued for the work of SU and all those who are working so hard to bring the comforting message of the gospel to the lives of children and young people in Scotland during this strange and unsettling time.

Find out more about SU’s wide-ranging ministry, as well as an update in light of Covid-19.

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Moldova Support Group

The Moldova Support Group, based on the Isle of Lewis, has had a connection to the local evangelical church in the town of Nisporeni, Moldova, for over 18 years. The charity prayerfully supports the congregation’s gospel ministry and provides funds, mainly for supporting youth activities and the pastor’s small stipend.  

For some time the Nisporeni church community has felt a calling to support the elderly, orphans and single parents in the area, conscious that they are neglected by the state and other charitable organisations. They now have plans to convert their old church building into a Christian community hub from which they can offer spiritual, social and physical support to the town. 

Support from this year’s WfM project will contribute towards the development costs involved in this building conversion. In addition to this, funds raised will help the church provide much-needed after-school support, counselling services to single parents and coordinating personnel. 

In this video, the pastor in Nisporeni shows us around the old church building and explains the vision he has for turning it into a community hub.

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WfM Disaster & Relief Fund

Over many years the income from WfM’s well-loved Original Recipes cookbooks has been donated to charities who help those whose lives have been affected by famine, war and other tragedies throughout the world. 

More recently, money has been given to help with the crises in Syria, Myanmar and Yemen, as well as the devastation resulting from Cyclone Idai. During the current Covid-19 crisis, funds have been donated to Bethany Christian Trust and the Blythswood Foodbank.  

This year, 5% of the total raised from the year’s projects will go into this Disaster and Relief fund so that WfM can continue to offer financial support to those who need it.

Marion tells us more about the Disaster & Relief fund and the areas around the world where we have recently donated money.

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