Women's Conference 2022

With Guest Speaker Helen Thorne

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Women's Conference

With Guest Speaker Helen Thorne

 We were delighted to have Helen Thorne as the guest speaker for the 2022 Conference. Helen is the author of a number of books including “Hope in an Anxious World”.

‘Hope’ is a word that is used in everyday conversation. But what do we really mean when we say it?  For the world it is often wishful thinking, a crossing of the fingers, chance.  Hope is part of our human experience arising out of living in a fallen world.  The important question is therefore not so much of whether you have hope or hopes, because everyone does, but whether your hope for life has any foundation.

Romans 5:5 tells us that the Christian hope is one that doesn’t disappoint and that it has a secure foundation because God has shown his complete commitment to us by giving us himself.  In a world of seeming chaos and hopelessness Helen discussed how the certainty of our hope can be strengthened through our faith in Jesus Christ.

Helen Thorne

Guest Speaker

Helen is Director of Training and Resources at Biblical Counselling UK, formerly working with London City Mission. She has a passion for seeing women come to Christ and grow in Christ whatever their circumstances in life.

She is an experienced speaker and author whose recent books include Walking with Domestic Abuse Sufferers and Hope in an Anxious World.

Helen lives in south west London, attending Dundonald church, where she is active in pastoral care, evangelism and international ministry. She spends far too much time talking with her cat and is very fond of Korean food!

‘Hope: An Anchor for the Soul’

Helen’s talk was divided into three parts:

Session 1: An anchor in the storm
How God helps us as individuals in hard times.

Session 2: An anchor for us all
How God builds us in to caring communities where hope is shared.

Session 3: An anchor with room for more
How God uses us to reach out to those who don’t yet believe with hope in their struggles.

About the WfM Conference

Popular with women of all ages, the WfM Women’s Conference (also known as the Away Day) is a fantastic opportunity to gather together to explore a topic of interest through a range of speakers who have been involved in mission work here in Scotland and around the world. 

Through various speakers, we learn first-hand about the real experiences and challenges that people are facing as they seek to share the gospel in a wide range of cultures and contexts around the world. We are so often encouraged as we hear incredible stories of God’s working in people’s lives. As we gain insight, we discover new ways to actively support and pray for mission and how to apply what we learn in the context of our own lives.