Online Women's Conference 2021

Distinctive Living in a Hostile World

With Guest Speaker Ann Allen

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Women's Conference

Distinctive Living in a Hostile World

With Guest Speaker Ann Allen

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There is so much going on around us. “Woke” culture. Cancel culture. Questions of gender and identity and sexual ethics. The society we live in is changing so fast and is becoming increasingly intolerant of Christianity.

It is harder than ever to be a Christian in today’s world, especially when that means standing out and holding to beliefs that seem so outdated or even offensive to some.  It is so often easier for us to keep quiet and simply blend in with the crowd.

But, as Christians, we are called to be the “salt and light of the earth”. We need to be awake, prepared and ready.  The world – including those we know and love, our families and neighbours – needs to see and hear about the great and eternal message of hope that is in us. But how can we share this message and how can we show it with kindness, gentleness and respect?

This year’s conference, which took place on Saturday 18 September,  got to the very heart of what it means to be a faithful Christian in a hostile culture, exploring how we might shine brightly as God’s people in this fallen and ever-changing world. 

Ann Allen, our main speaker, delivered two short addresses: the first, ‘Being Christian in a Hostile Culture’ concentrated on a quick overview of present-day culture and applying the lessons of Ephesians 4 to suggest how we can thrive in a hostile climate. The second ‘Being Missional in a Hostile World’ examined Luke 10: 38 – 11:4, and explored basic principles which help us in witnessing to and caring for others. 

We encourage women of all ages to watch this conference and pray that it will be stimulating, challenging and an encouragement to us all.

Watch the Conference

If you missed the conference, you can watch it using the link below. It will remain unlisted on YouTube for privacy reasons, but feel free to share the link with others.

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There was no cost to this year’s conference, which is freely available to watch online. However, if you are able, we would be delighted if you could make a donation to support this year’s projects. 

Ann Allen

Main Speaker

Ann qualified as an English Teacher but has spent most of her adult life as a volunteer with Christian charitable organisations. She served as Chair of CrossReach, the largest voluntary social work organisation in Scotland, on various committees at the heart of the Church of Scotland and as chair of Scripture Union Scotland from 2003-2008. 


Ann is married to Martin and has two sons and two grandchildren. In retirement, Ann enjoys walking the family dog, reading and sharing with friends.

Project Updates & Interviews

As part of the conference, we heard updates from last year’s project Embracing the World with a Touch of the Gospel and this year’s project Hope for the Hurting

Nina Ulinici-Ciochina

Nisporeni Church, Moldova

Nina, who is married to Pastor Alex will provide an update from the church in Nisporeni, Moldova, where she runs the weekly women’s meeting, kids club on Saturday and is the lead on children’s day camps. She and Alex have two wee boys Teo and Gabriel. Nina also has her own business making and creating free hand designs on cups. She is a product of the youth camps and has had, and continues to have, a huge influence on many young people in Moldova.

Maddie Murray

Safe Families Scotland

Maddie is a Family Support Manager at Safe Families, she has been in her role for four years and is undertaking a Certificate in Biblical Counselling with BCUK alongside her work at Safe Families. Maddie is passionate about coming alongside vulnerable and isolated families and connecting them to community where they can flourish and belong. Originally from Sweden, she now lives in Edinburgh with her husband Geoff and their 21-month-old son, Alistair.

Kate Allan

Safe Families Scotland

Kate is Community Volunteer Manager at Safe Families Scotland. Kate spent many years working for Care for the Family before joining Safe Families.  She recruits and trains volunteers to work with families.  Kate is passionate about adoption and has recently taken the lead with therapeutic parenting as it is rolled out across Edinburgh and the Lothians.  She has been with Safe Families for over two years and is married with two children.

Conference Programme

10.30 – Music & Praise

11.00 – Welcome and Opening Prayer

11.05 – Item of Praise:  Hymn – Ancient of Days

11.10 – Ann Allen Talk 1: Being Christian in a Hostile Culture

11.40 – Project Updates: Update from Nina Ulinici-Ciochina (Moldova) and Interview with Safe Families Scotland

12.05 – Ann Allen Talk 2: Being Missional in a Hostile World

12.25 – Prayer for Afghanistan

12.30 – Item of Praise: Psalm 65

12.35 – Final Prayer & Vote of Thanks

At the end of the conference, we will display the ‘Hope for the Hurting’ Project 2021/22 video.

About the WfM Conference

Popular with women of all ages, the WfM Women’s Conference (also known as the Away Day) is a fantastic opportunity to gather together to explore a topic of interest through a range of speakers who have been involved in mission work here in Scotland and around the world. 

Through various speakers, we learn first-hand about the real experiences and challenges that people are facing as they seek to share the gospel in a wide range of cultures and contexts around the world. We are so often encouraged as we hear incredible stories of God’s working in people’s lives. As we gain insight, we discover new ways to actively support and pray for mission and how to apply what we learn in the context of our own lives.