Prayer Points for the 20/21 Project: Scripture Union

In Lockdown:

  • Some materials and SU Groups are still meeting virtually – but engagement is understandably low
  • Staff are able to devote time to creating wonderful resources to be used when lockdown ends, and some are still able to deliver virtual assemblies.

Out of Lockdown:

  • Each school is approaching SU Groups differently, but some are operating outside, some online and some as usual
  • We are especially thankful for teachers who give their time to lead SU Groups as external visitors are still limited in most schools
  • We are also thankful for pupil leaders who lead their own SU Groups – what inspirational young people they are.
  • Please pray for these young leaders and for others to be uncovered and trained to lead groups.
  • Please pray for the re-engagement of volunteers and a boom in SU Groups when schools start to open again.

Thinking of the wider ministry:

  • Residentials with SU Holidays and with schools are the life blood of our centres – we are praying that these may return during the summer – but give thanks for the wonderful opportunities of day camps and activity days.
  • We have been able to devote more time to discipleship. Please pray that the new resources, training and opportunities we are creating for older young people may help more of them to flourish in coming years.
  • Pray for the leadership team as they try to predict what is coming! It seems to be an impossible task from my seat, both when regarding ministry and finances, but with God’s wisdom we can be sure to sail with the wind behind us.

If you would like to find out more about the ways we hope to support SU Scotland, you can read more here or watch the video below.


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