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Favourite Recipes Cook Books

The Original Favourite Recipes book was first published in the 1994 by the Women’s Foreign Missionary Association (later to  become known as Women for Mission), containing hundreds of favourite recipes sent in from many women throughout the Free Church.

Following the great success and enduring popularity of this collection of recipes, a second successful book was published in 2005. 

The recipes contained in these books are still known and enjoyed by many, even to this day.

Over the years, these books have raised an astonishing sum of money, with all proceeds going to the Disaster and Relief Fund which exists to send financial support to whose lives have been affected by war, famine, or other tragedy in different areas around the world.


Recently, we received the very sad news that our entire supply of Favourite Recipes books had been destroyed in a fire.  

The good news is that we have plans to re-publish this well-loved book in Autumn 2022.

Until then, if anyone has any spare copies of the original books that haven’t been sold, please let us know. 

To get in touch about the recipe books, please email