WfM Online Annual Meeting

Saturday 22nd May at 2.00pm
via Youtube Livestream

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Welcome from Janet Murchison (Chairperson)

Dear Friends

Welcome to this our first ever online Women for Mission Annual Meeting.  Following a year and more of global upheaval and uncertainty on account of the Covid-19 pandemic we have developed a new vocabulary which includes words such as virtual, lockdown, face masks, Zoom and YouTube.  Those latter two words are the means by which we are holding today’s meeting and we are thankful to God for this technology.  Due to the lockdown restrictions last year we had to cancel the Annual Meeting.  Even though there are now some easing of these restrictions we decided that this year it would be safer not to meet in person but rather than cancel another Annual Meeting we have taken the bold step to go ‘virtual’! We do hope this will enable many more to join us today who perhaps have been unable to do so previously.

I appreciate that an online meeting cannot replace our meeting in person where we enjoy one another’s company as well as the fine fare laid on after the meeting.  But I do hope as you listen to today’s proceedings you will be encouraged and blessed by what you hear about the ongoing work of Women for Mission.  We will give thanks for the funds raised for the current Project (Embracing the World with a Touch of the Gospel) in what has been a very difficult year.  We have updates from recipients of recent Projects, some lovely singing from Catherine Joan Macdonald, one of our Committee members, and a tribute to the late Elizabeth Graham who was a loyal supporter of WfM and who served for many years on the Committee.  We also have the launch of Project 2021/22, Hope for the Hurting Some of the organisations included in this Project may be unknown to you and that is why we are excited that through the WfM Project we can encourage you to learn more about them and support the work they do, often in challenging and difficult circumstances.

Despite the restrictions that lockdown has brought and our not being able to hold the usual fundraising events such as coffee mornings or cake and craft sales, many of you have found other avenues to financially support the work of WfM ranging from online Zoom quizzes to an online silent auction.  I cannot emphasise enough how encouraging this has been to the Committee and would like to thank you for the many ways you continued to support our endeavours.  We are humbled by these demonstrations of the body of Christ working together for the good of others.

God bless you all.

Janet Murchison

The following is an overview of the work undertaken by the WfM over the past year. It has been a very unusual year, but 2020/21 has in many ways been an encouragement. The creativity of local WfM groups has been heartening as they have embraced Zoom holding imaginative and successful fundraising events and we thank God for his blessing over the past year.  We would like to thank everyone involved in the work of WfM and to let them know that their generosity is greatly appreciated.

COMMITTEE: There are currently 12 members on the committee. Cairine Davidson and Fiona Ross retired from the WfM Committee and we thank them both for their years of service. Megan Gray and Holly Smith have joined the committee and we are grateful to God for their talents.

DISASTER and RELIEF FUND: The Disaster and Relief Fund is much depleted as there haven’t been any recipe books to sell because they were lost in a fire. As indicated last year we will replenish this fund by taking 5% of the “Embracing the World” total. In exciting news there is a reprint of a new look recipe book planned, we hope to have that ready for the end of 2021.

MISSION BOARD: A WfM representative is invited to attend Global Mission meetings and two committee members are also invited to the Mission Board Meeting. Janet Murchison attends when she is able, otherwise WfM are represented by another committee member local to the central belt.

SUPPORT-A-VOLUNTEER: During 2020/21 there were no SAV applications, because there have been so few volunteer opportunities during the worldwide pandemic.

HEART FOR HOME: In 2020 there weren’t any Heart for Home applications, so at the beginning of 2021 we encouraged people and churches to apply, and we have a couple of applications that we are processing. If there’s a project your church is involved in that could use a grant, please get in touch. All the details are on the website. From book translation to parent and toddler groups, from painting and decorating to training a nail technician, this fund has enabled people show Jesus’ compassion in their communities in many different ways.

PROJECT: The 2020/21 project is ‘Embracing the World with the Touch of the Gospel’ which has three parts (plus 5% for the Disaster and Relief Fund):

  1. Scripture Union: helping SU to deliver ministry training and support to young people.
  2. Purulia Leprosy Hospital, India: Helping the hospital to provide essential medical help and counselling to those suffering from leprosy.
  3. Moldova Support Group: providing funds to enable the Moldova Support Group to equip and develop a Christian community hub in Nisporeni.

The ongoing COVID situation made the work of our three projects very difficult. The work in Moldova and in India in faced severe material hardship while SU found online engagement decreased from previous in-person levels. Please continue to pray for these three organisations and the work that they do.

2021 WfM CONFERENCE: Is planned for September and will be online. COVID restrictions allowing, we hope to meet in person in 2022.

You can download the latest finance update below:

Finance update - 30 April 2021 (PDF)

Our "meeting" this year will be streamed live on to Youtube at 2.00pm on Saturday 22 May. Janet Murchison, Chairperson, will host the event.

Please click here to watch the meeting on Youtube.

The meeting will also be available to re-watch after it has taken place.

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