Two Copper Coins – Ness WfM Group Fundraises for WfM Projects

A few months ago, Cross Free Church WfM group, based in Ness on the Isle of Lewis established a small fundraising group called ‘Two Copper Coins’ which raises funds for the WfM Project in their local area through the sale of donated handmade crafts. We asked Joanne Murray, who helped to start this fundraising initiative, to tell us a little more about their group.

Tell us about Two Copper Coins!

As a fundraising initiative during the lockdown, we decided to attempt to sell items online, perhaps as a kind of ‘shop’. This proved rather challenging due to various tax regulations so we then had the idea of being more of a fundraising group that would hold various ‘pop-up events’ using online means to spread the word.

Where did the name of your fundraising group ‘Two Copper Coins’ come from?

After much consideration on what to name the venture, we decided that the attitude of the widow in Mark 12:41-44 was a good inspiration. Her simple offering of two copper coins was more heartfelt and meaningful than much larger sums of money that were contributed in the wrong attitude. The Lord looks at the heart and is pleased when we give for His glory. God has blessed us all with different talents and means and all of these can be used by the Lord. There is no contribution too small. The ladies of Two Copper Coins pray that the Lord will use their small contributions to bless the work of WfM around the world.

How do you sell items in your local community?

Our first event was an online Harris Tweed Craft Fair. One of our ladies, Edna Macleod, donated beautiful Harris Tweed items that she made herself, to raise money for the 20/21 WfM Project. Photos of items and details were shared on our Facebook and Instagram pages and we created a brochure to circulate around those who are not online. This event was aimed at locals with cash payment only and collection from our prepared collection box.

What are your ideas for the future?

It is our hope that our future events will accept online payment and we will offer the option of posting items. This will open the event to a much wider audience and hopefully generate even more funds for the WfM projects!

Some confirmed themes for future events are candle stalls, handmade gift stalls, handmade card event, bake sales, and jam and chutney sales. We have lots more ideas which we look forward to setting in motion, God willing. We hope you will follow us on social media, join us at a future event and most importantly support the work in your prayers.

Follow Two Copper Coins fundraising here.

WfM are deeply grateful the fundraising efforts of Cross Free Church WfM Group and all the other fundraising groups around the country. All funds raised go towards our annual project. This year, our project is entitled ‘Hope for the Hurting’ and we are raising money for Safe Families Scotland, Community House Damaris and Lakhnadon Christian Hospital in India. Read more here.


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