Sometimes it’s hard to hear the birds singing…

Marsali Campbell, who was raised on the Isle of Lewis and then in Skye, has served with Dwelling Places in Uganda for 19 years, providing healthcare for children living on the streets in Kampala and Karamoja. Below is her update from May 2020, including a few videos which provide an insight into her work in Africa.

The birds of the air nest by the waters; they sing among the branches.’
Psalm 104: 12

Whether I’m home in Scotland, or home in Africa, one thing remains constant – I love the sound of birds singing, especially in the early morning. In Scotland, even if the morning is cold, I love to open the windows and return under the duvet, and just listen to their songs of worship. In Africa, it’s usually warmer, so it’s lovely to open the windows and bring some refreshing air into my room, and listen to the birds singing. I love the rhythm of beginning each day with that blessing from God.

But sometimes it’s hard to hear the birds singing. Not because my hearing ability has changed, but rather in this season, my mind and spirit are so often full and distracted, especially with work-related issues.

This morning as I was awake before dawn, and opened my windows, what a blessing to witness the day of a new day and listen to God’s precious creation singing.

Gen 1 v 20

Isaiah 40 v 31

Psalm 84 v 1-3

Matthew 6 v 25-30

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Here are links to four short videos below to give you a snapshot into my life here at the moment. I hope they are helpful as you think and pray.

A Personal Introduction

Easter Update

17th April Update

27th April Update


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