Prayer Points for the 20/21 Project: Purulia Hospital

2020 was a very difficult year for Purulia Hospital. As well as having an acute staff shortage, their Superintendent Dr Ujjmal Hembron passed away from Covid. Two of their doctors have written brief updates and prayer points for us.

Dr Jalaz Rahmi has shared thanks and these prayer points:

We sincerely thank you for your prayers, as only prayer is sustaining us. It is very encouraging to know that you are remembering us at this time.  We are slowly and gradually recovering from last year’s events. The staff are giving their best at this time and we praise God for this. 

Please pray that we get more doctors and specialists as it is discouraging for patients if doctors are not available. 

Kindly remember Mr Abhijit from our pharmacy staff who was also diagnosed with Covid in December. He has recovered now and back home, but continues to be fatigued. Mr Abhijit plans to return to work later this month.

Also kindly pray for our security guard, Mr Swapan, who was diagnosed with gastric cancer last month. He is currently admitted at a tertiary center and is awaiting surgery and chemotherapy. 

Kindly continue to keep us in your prayers regarding these things. Thank you for all your initiatives. We will be praying for you all as well.

We also have an update and prayer points from Dr Sneha Hembron who is Dr Ujjmal Hembron’s daughter:

We have been able to get through the past 4 months because of the grace of God. Thank you for the prayers. My mother asked to convey her thanks and a request to continue to remember her in prayers for the future God has planned for her.

Prayer requests for patients and staff-

Many new patients, mostly those in their 20-30s find it difficult when they develop complications due to Leprosy. Men and women of this age group find it difficult also because they are the main economic support for their family. Please pray that God guides every individual involved in their health care.

Pray for the many people in the older age group, mostly widows or widowers who have had leprosy as they often experience neglect from their family even after they have been cured from the disease.

In Purulia, in the past 6 months many staff have been compelled take leave for their own physical health or because close family members have been admitted in hospital, for Covid and other ailments. Those who have recovered from Covid-19  experience physical fatigue and psychological stress even after returning to work. Please pray that each of them find their healing and strength in Christ and these trials draw them closer to God. The shortage of staff leads others to be over worked. Please pray that they also find their rest in God’s presence and find joy and strength in God.

Please pray for these patients: Pallab to develop a positive outlook and he can rise up from the stigma and the pain due to neuritis that make him feel downcast. His family is very supportive and worried. Prabin is weary of recurrent episodes of inflamed nodules and admissions, this time he will be in hospital for prolonged treatment. Please pray that his symptoms are controlled and he finds release from the pain and healing. Kolpura had small ulcers on the feet because of anesthesia of the feet and because of which she had dispute with her family. Please pray that she can find her way back home in society.

It’s a great blessing to have so many people praying for us. Thank you for the support.

In this video, Dr Ujjmal Hembron – who sadly passed away in October 2020 – told us about the Leprosy Mission Hospital in West Bengal, India.


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