Nathan Mackay: Hungary Report (SAV)

Women for Mission’s Support a Volunteer fund helped Nathan Mackay join the team at a children’s camp in Hungary earlier this year. Below he tells us about his experience at the camp.

I helped to organise and lead various activities for a youth camp in Hungary. This camp offered children the chance to learn English, learn about the Bible and to have fun as well. My role as a camp leader involved selecting songs, games and other activities for our Bible and English lessons. I would then help to lead these lessons each day with two partners.

Group games would take place after the lessons had finished. These included sports matches, musical games and arts and crafts sessions for the kids to enjoy. I helped to organise these along with the other leaders, and also took part in the fun.

Towards the end of the camp, I presented a slideshow to all of the children and leaders about my life in Scotland. I took this opportunity to share how God has impacted members of my home church.

My favourite part of this mission was talking to and playing with the children during breaks. This helped me to establish genuine friendships with many of the campers. At least a few of these kids did not come from Christian homes. I hope our friendship will make Jesus seem more attractive to both the children and their parents.

It was sometimes difficult for me to be around other people so often. Each day I would have breakfast with those whom I shared accommodation with, then spend most of the day at the camp, and finally I would spend most of the evening with camp leaders. However, this was an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone so I am pleased to have had the experience.

I have been inspired to go on missions like this as often as possible. Witnessing God work in the lives of young children has nurtured my desire to be more involved in missions aimed at the youth. My family and I have already discussed how I can prepare to go on another mission of this kind next year.

I’m also motivated to be more involved in Christian work here in Scotland. I’ve already arranged to meet an OM representative to discuss my trip and what different ways there are of helping the organisation here in Glasgow.

Women for Mission were pleased to be able to offer Nathan some funding towards his trip via the Support A Volunteer Fund.

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