Update and Message of Thanks from SU Scotland

We recently received a message of thanks from Dave Rickards, the Director of National Ministries at SU Scotland to thank WfM for their fundraising efforts as part of our 2020/21 Project ‘Embracing the World with A Touch of the Gospel’.

For all the groups and individuals who helped to raise money for this project, here is his message below, for your encouragement. Dave mentions how the funds will be spent, and raises a few points for prayer with regards to work in schools.

Dear Friends,

Thank you!

I have recently been told that your kind and generous fundraising effort has raised a magnificent sum! I understand that John Mowat has passed on an informal thank you, but I wanted to add my voice to John’s.

The gift will be applied to our regional work, where staff equip and lead local volunteers to engage in schools work, run local events and lead discipleship programmes.

Even though the young people who will benefit from this will be unaware of your efforts, I wish to thank you all on their behalf too. As you know, it has been a tough time for young people – but we have seen a wonderful uptake on those wanting to connect online, or in small groups. We are keen to make these connections last, while at the same time bringing back our ‘traditional’ ministries which were paused by COVID, giving numerous local opportunities for children and young people to explore the Bible and respond to the significance of Jesus.

Schools work in particular is a need for prayer. While we know of around 300 SU Group Team Leaders who are keen to restart, restrictions on school visitors are still prohibitive. But it is a joy to see creativity abound, with SU Groups meeting in churches, coffee shops and online until ‘normal’ activity can be resumed.

Thank you again for your efforts and your partnership in this ministry.

God bless,

Dave Rickards

Director of National Ministries, SU Scotland


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