16-20 sponge fingers
4 tblsp rum (or to taste)
2 tblsp brandy (optional)
4 fl oz (100ml) strong black coffee
14 oz (400g) mascarpone
2 eggs, separated
4 tblsp icing sugar
grated plain chocolate


1. Layer sponge fingers in shallow bowl.
2. Mix 2 tblsp rum with brandy, add coffee and trickle over sponges.
3. Beat together cheese, egg yolks and icing sugar then add remaining rum.
4. Whisk egg whites until stiff (but not dry) and fold into cheese mixture.
5. Spoon over sponge fingers and sprinkle with chocolate.
6. Refrigerate overnight before serving.
Note: 11 oz (300g) cream cheese mixed with ¼ pt (150ml) double cream may be used in place of mascarpone.

Fiona Beveridge, Wick