Sweet and Sour Chicken

Pre-heat oven to: 170°C/325°F/Gas 3
Time in oven: 1 hour
Serves: 4


½ tblsp cooking oil
4 chicken breasts, sliced
2-3 sticks celery, finely chopped
½ cucumber, peeled, seeded and diced
½ pt/300ml chicken stock
5 tblsp white wine
1 tblsp vinegar, or wine vinegar
1 tblsp soy sauce
1 tblsp caster sugar
4 tblsp redcurrant jelly
3 tsp cornflour, blended in little water


1. Heat oil in oven-proof casserole dish and fry chicken to seal it.
2. Add all other ingredients except celery and cucumber.
3. Cover with lid and cook in oven, adding celery 15 minutes from end of cooking time.
4. Serve on bed of rice with cucumber sprinkled on top.

Elizabeth MacLauchlan, Elgin