Russian Fish Pie


6 oz (175g) puff pastry
8 oz (225g) cooked fish
1 hard-boiled egg, chopped
1/2 tsp parsley, chopped
grated lemon rind
salt and cayenne pepper
White Sauce:
1 oz (25g) flour
1 oz (25g) butter
1/2 pt (300ml) milk


1. Roll pastry into square.
2. Flake fish, add egg, parsley, lemon rind and seasoning.
3. Combine fish mixture with ¼ pt of white sauce.
4. Put filling on pastry, fold corners to centre and seal.
5. Brush with beaten egg or milk to glaze.
6. Cook in a pre-heated oven 230°C/450°F/Gas 8 for 30 minutes.

J. MacClure, Sleat, Skye