Lemon Cream


1 sachet gelatine
2 lemons, juice and rind
6 oz (175g) caster sugar
3 eggs, separated
1/4 pt (150ml) double cream
1/4 pt (150ml) single cream


1. Prepare sachet of gelatine as directed on packet.
2. Put grated rind and juice of lemons, sugar and egg yolks in pan and mix well.
3. Heat gently, but do not boil.
4. Stir in melted gelatine.
5. Beat creams together and add to cooled mixture before it sets.
6. Beat egg whites until very stiff and fold gently into mixture.
7. Chill for at least 2 hours and decorate as desired.

Helen MacKay, St. Vincent St. – Milton, Glasgow