Crunchy Meat Loaf


1 lb (450g) mince
6 oz (175g) white breadcrumbs
8 oz (225g) carrots, grated
1 small onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, crushed
1/2 small pepper, finely chopped
1 tblsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tblsp tomato juice
1 tsp English mustard
1 tsp mixed herbs
1 egg (size 2), beaten
salt and pepper to taste


1. Mix all ingredients together thoroughly.
2. Grease and line the base of a 6″ ovenproof dish.
3. Spoon mixture into it, pressing it down firmly.,
4. Cook in a pre-heated oven 180°C/350°F/Gas 4 for 11/2 hours.
5. Serve cold, cut in wedges like a cake.

Katie Moir, Partick Highland, Glasgow