Alison’s Coffee and Amaretto Trifle

Serves: 8


14 fl oz/400ml strong coffee
3 fl oz/75ml Disaronno or amaretto liqueur
1 lb/450g tub Mascarpone cheese
1 lb/450g fresh custard
9 oz/250g Italian sponge biscuits
9 oz/250g raspberries
1 tblsp chocolate coffee beans
1 tblsp flaked almonds


1. Mix coffee and amaretto liqueur in wide bowl.
2. Beat mascarpone and custard with blender.
3. Dip one third of sponge biscuits in coffee mixture until soft but not soggy and use to line base of dish. Drizzle over more coffee mixture.
4. Reserve some raspberries for decoration. Sprinkle over one third of raspberries.
5. Smooth over one third of mascarpone mixture.
6. Repeat layers twice.
7. Chill overnight or for at least 2 hours.
8. Decorate with chocolate coffee beans, almonds or raspberries.
Note: Trifle sponge cakes can be used instead of Italian sponge biscuits.

Emma Lipp, Bon Accord, Aberdeen