Raising Money to Support Disaster & Relief Efforts Around the World

600 Recipes (Books 1 & 2 Combined) – £18.00

Raising Money to Support Disaster & Relief Efforts Around the World

In 1994 Favourite Recipes (Book 1) was produced by the Women’s Foreign Mission Association to raise funds for the Free Church of Scotland’s Disaster and Relief Fund.  Due to the success and popularity of that book, Favourite Recipes (Book 2) was produced in 2005 by the now renamed Women for Mission (WfM) with over £100, 000 from sales of both books going to WfM’s own Disaster and Relief Fund.  WfM distributes these funds to support Christian organisations working in parts of the world affected by war, famine, drought or other tragedy.

As we approach the 30th anniversary of Book 1, and with a continuing demand for both books, the WfM Committee agreed that this was an appropriate opportunity to reproduce Favourite Recipes.  Many who own Book 1 can testify to its dilapidated state (and maybe Book 2 as well!) due to frequent use over the years.

Rather than produce two separate books all 600 recipes have now been combined into one book and renamed The Ultimate Favourite Recipes Cookbook, a title which reflects the ongoing popularity of these recipes.

The cost of this new combined version is £18.00 which will soon also include access to the online version of the Cookbook.

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